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Bhawna Singh

CTO Okta, Board Advisor and Founding Member


Bhawna is a senior technology executive with over 20 years of experience in successfully transforming products and scaling technology for a global user base. Bhawna brings deep expertise in scaling products for global expansion, driving cloud strategy and cybersecurity. In her career as an executive leader, advisory board member, and investor, Bhawna has worked across multiple high-growth and Fortune 500 companies to grow & scale platforms from 0 to 100+ million monthly users, led global expansion of products, steered multiple acquisitions and spearheaded innovation to drive user growth and engagement, delivering multi million dollar revenue growth. In her role, Bhawna has successfully led multiple cloud transformation efforts and helped companies improve Risk Management posture. For companies in the enterprise SaaS space, Bhawna also brings the voice of the customer to help define product market fit. As CTO at Okta, Bhawna leads tech strategy and vision for its CIAM product. As an advisory board member at RapidFort, and advisor to VC groups and pre-seed startups, Bhawna advises founders and investors on pitch, due diligence, and company strategy.

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