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Caroline Pan

Global Marketing, Technology, and Strategy Executive | Former CMO @ Lumentum, Bright Machines, Honeywell


Advanced Manufacturing, Full Stack Hardware/Software, Robotics, Software as a Service, Cloud Computing, AI Data Center, Optical Networking, Semiconductors and Sensor Technology, Industrial IoT.


Corporate Strategy, Brand Activation, Thought Leadership, Go-to-Market, New Market Entry, New Product Introductions, Breakthrough Innovation, Demand and Revenue Generation, Digital Marketing Transformation, Strategic Partnerships, Customer Acquisition, Geographically Dispersed Organizations, Employee Engagement, Analyst/Investor Relations, IPO Readiness.


VC-Backed, Growth Stage/Pre-IPO (revenue from $30M to $100M+); Small to Mid-Cap Public ($2B to $5B); and Large Fortune 100 ($10B to $50B+). M&A, Divestiture, Post-Acquisition Integration, and Portfolio Management. International Expansion including Emerging Markets Growth.

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